About us

ADK ONE was created from my love and passion for the Cameroonian and African heritage. Bringing together African culture with the rest of the world, and emerge with originality, diversity and beauty, is the key reason behind ADK ONE's magnificent products line. ADK ONE family members can therefore be different, stay swag, and wear quality.

Founder of ADK ONE

This is us

ADK ONE is a young African fashion startup based in Cameroon. Its mission is to offer its customers "Made in Africa" products developed by African designers. With its slogan "something different", ADK ONE opens the world to an innovative and rich Africa through the diversity of its creations. ADK ONE wants to offer its customers access to all this diversity without the need to take a plane. All ADK ONE brand products are made in Africa, demonstrating the creativity of African artisans and entrepreneurs, as well as their ability to develop quality products.

Our unique selling proposition

  • Originality
  • Diversity
  • Quality

Our vision

  • Reference platform for "Made in Africa" products.
  • Ambassador of the African cultural diversity
  • Promoter of entrepreneurship on the African continent